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Although the app does cater people looking for a serious relationship, everything is well categorized.When you come across a profile, you get two options- either swipe up or down.I spent 15 years as a DJ, and I never played or heard this wonderful music on the radio. My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. Marcia du wars immer meine Favorite und hoffe das du all das beste erlebst in deine zukunft. Can you believe it's been 10 years since our festival? 70's Jamaica without the political aspect I'm guessing. I am so happy that you have overcome the sad period in your life and that you can live again to the full. My roots are in India , but born in Surinam and was adopted by Dutch people. Listened to Boney M and the Jacksons Well I can go on and on , hope you read this . 2008 – |Zaki|My name zaki ibraheem i’m from YEMEN simply i loved Bony M group they was in my days of youth so i want to tell them Liza Maizie Bobby Marcia dear Bony M stars i’m still enjoying with yours beauty songs i wish from allah to keep yours a happy life and to enjoy safely life I wish to heard about Bobby Farrell news is he still a live ? *** Date: 7/27/2008, pm, EDT Name: peter Basler Email: office@Number: 30 hello marcia hope asll is well – love and best to marcuss as well peter basler *** Date: 7/23/2008, am, EDT Name: Hazel Geanas Email: H.geanas@Number: 29 hi loveyou *** 19 Jul. I have written to you from time to time just to express my admiration for you as an artist. When I have friends over I often have your “Come into my life” album playing in the background, and people always say “wow! Even my friends who are reallly not into Boney M at all, have to admit that your music rocks and that your sensual, edgy voice lifts the songs to a new level. I’m a Dutch born French fan of Luv’ (Holland’s greatest girl group ever). Best regards, Ralph *** Date: 6/28/2008, am, EDT Name: wayne demercado Email: wazzcado@uk Number: 23 Hello mum! 2008 – |Ronald|Dear Marcia I’d like to know if you planing to come to Berlin or somewhere in Germany in the next month for a concert? 2008 – |Hallo Marcia, ich habe Dein Interview auf Dragonland-Radio in Berlin gehört, Habe mich sehr gefreut deine Stimme wieder zuhören. Ihre CD “Come into my life” gefälltm ir ausgesprochen gut. Köln *** Date: 4/22/2008, am, EDT Name: Arjuna Email: arjunaayh@Number: 17 Sri Lanka is waiting for you. Your team was wonderful and you are looking just FABULOUS! I send you best greeting and send you force to live long long time.

That means you can even use a fake name or a picture while you create a profile. ”) and you and Boney M have had a great impact on my life throughout the years. My uncle who was (and is) my very best friend, was always in love with you and was hoping to find a wife that would remind him of you ) Hope that this will make you smile When I think of you and your music, I think of the best years of my life! Great seeing all the pictures – We’ve enjoyed catching up with the info on the site. *** Date: 2/29/2008, am, EDT Name: karunakaran Email: karunakbk@Number: 5 Hello Marcia, i have been listening to only Boneym music since 1978. waitin to see in bangalore 8-02 2008 at palace grounds. and things didnt remain as good with your most wonderful group Boney M as they should be. I am Russian living in Northern Ireland for the last 10 years (“Belfast, Belfast! i am a photographer by profession , you can contact me on 91 80 9341693959 bangalore, and i would be very pleased to do some great portraits of you . with lots & lots of love , may god bless you Marcia. I felt very sad after reading few things about you that your producer was not fair with you …Andrew Date: 10/14/2015, am, EDT Name: Carlos Number: 293 Happy Birthday, Marcia! And that you will celebrate a lot more birthday parties in the future. *** Date: 10/12/2015, am, EDT Name: Emile Number: 292 I hope you have a nice birthday on 14 I hope that you and Marcus reach the 20000 lightyears before you leave Planet earth to be taken to wilde. I have always loved your voice and enjoy listening to all your Boney M solos together. Your Survival Cd, No war Peace and Love and Come Into My Life are all classics. Much love and big hugs and kisses, Scott E gingercatni@*** 16 Jun. *** Date: 4/27/2008, pm, EDT Name: Dora Palomeque Email: xoxobitte@Number: 18 I come from Ecuador a small country in Sudamerica, but i love your music a love Boney M, now i live in USA, but i hopr see you here some day God bless you with love Dora. Because Boney M was a sign of love, peace and unit. Because, when i’ve been listining to Boney’s M songs, I was 10 years old. Your voice *** Date: 4/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Si Thu Email: mgsinpout@Number: 12 I very like your all songs. My mum Shirley told me to check you out, well hop all is well… Name: Christian City: Angermünde Deutschland Sent: 20-Jul-2007 PM Hy, vielen Dank Marcus, dass du von Marcia und mir 2 tolle Fotos ins Net gestellt hast. Name: jake Sent: 20-Jul-2007 PM marcia you rock girl.Planet as said in your song exodus but than some years later where they Quaranree freedom and health for Alleternaty just relax *** Date: 9/11/2015, pm, EDT Name: peggy Number: 291 Diamands dvd & cd both fantasic. Can`t wait for the surprises you mentioned in your last two notes. Today, i’m 36,don’t happen to understand why Boney M is devided. 2008 – |Oh woman you touch my soul(spirit)i liked ‘belfast’, but when i saw video on youtube(unfortunately it happend just in a 30 years) i like this song 10000 times more. 2008 – |Mathew|Dear Marcia, Dear Helga, you a wonderfull women and artist. Es war einer der grössten Erlebnisse in meinem Leben. Name: Amanda Mcleary City: Bronx New York Sent: 19-Jul-2007 PM Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to hear that you’re doing well and to tell you that when I was in junior school in Nottingham England going to the swimming baths on the bus with my school we would all be singing brown girl in the ring but I think we would say in the rain.

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